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Selling With Direct Collective

The place you’ve called home is now ready to welcome a new family through its doors. For you, this may be a time of celebration, but we understand that so much of your life might have been experienced in this space that there is justifiably some emotion wrapped in this decision to let this place go.

When you sell with Direct Collective, please rest assured that we know and highly regard the role that a home plays in a person’s life and that the choices around buying and selling are not made lightly. 

We are honoured by each of our clients that choose us to present their homes to the market, to respectfully showcase the features and opportunities the space presents to new families to be the custodians of the space. 

When it comes to valuing the place you’ve made so many memories in, we work with you to understand the true highlights, the opportunities and the real gift you are offering the next household to move into. You’ve held this place in your heart and we will work to reward your decision to release it, with the best possible price we can achieve. 

If you are ready to sell or simply considering your options, we invite you to complete an Appraisal Request.

You are always welcome to reach out to our agents directly to discuss your home’s selling opportunities and we will delight in guiding you on this journey with our proven approach that delivers beyond expectation.