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This challenge can be true of property investment if you’re trying to pull together snippets of information you’ve seen in newspapers or heard from friends around the BBQ and then to make sense of it all – it’s a game you’re not likely to win without some help.

There is no shortage of information on property, so why is it that most property investors fail to achieve their goals?

We believe it boils down to one key point; the gap between knowledge and understanding. 

In the Direct Collective family of property specialists, we have a team directly focussed on property investment and it’s their job is to bridge that gap and support your wealth creation journey through property.

It’s one thing to know about statistics and strategies but it’s another thing completely to truly understand them and how they can be applied. Just like a seasoned traveller who has insight beyond the ability to read a map, knowing the topography of the landscape, the weather conditions, the local hidden gems and the areas to avoid can make or break a trip.

Founded in 2004, Investor Property exists to help people navigate the excess of confusing opinion and data that surrounds property and achieve their residential property investment goals and the freedom that affords.

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